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On July 24-25, theoretical and practical classes were held for the students of the Physics Workshop "105th Element" of the Summer School "Russian Reporter". On Thursday, July 24, the students attended the lectures of E.V. Lychagin (Nuclear physics research in FLNP), A.M. Balagurov (Neutron diffraction by powders), and A.I. Kuklin (SANS studies of polymers). 



On July 9, 2014 an excursion to the IBR-2 reactor was organized for the students from Moscow State University. During the excursion O. Culikov told the students about the history of creation of the FLNP pulsed reactors, as well as the main areas of research carried out at the Laboratory. The students also visited the IREN facility, where V.R. Skoy introduced the guests to the basic research carried out on it.



On July 8-9, 2014 FLNP was visited by the participants in the International Student Practice at JINR (2nd stage). The students were shown the basic facilities of the Laboratory: IREN and IBR-2 (REGATA, NERA, SKAT, EPSILON), where O. Culikov, D. Chudoba, V.R. Skoy, D. Nikolaev and L. Hetmanczyk told them about the working principles of the facilities and the basic research carried out on them.



On July 4, 2014 FLNP was visited by the students from the University of Warsaw, Poland. O. Culikov, M. Kulik and A. Filarowski introduced the guests to the main scientific areas developed in the Laboratory. During the excursion the students visited the EG-5, IBR-2 (REGATA) and IREN facilities. M. Kulik, I. Zinicovscaia and E. Golubkov told them about the EG-5, IREN and REGATA facilities.



On July 3, 2014 a general tour to the IBR-2 reactor and the IRENE facility was organized for the teachers of physics from Moscow. I. Zinicovscaia and K. Udovichenko introduced the participants to the working principle of the facilities and told them about the main areas of research in the Laboratory.



On June 23, 2014 D. Chudoba, I. Zinicovscaia and K. Udovichenko conducted excursions to the IBR-2 (REGATA) and IREN facilities for the participants of the International School for teachers of physics. O. Culicov gave a lecture on the most significant areas of research in the Laboratory.



On June 20, the students of Lublin University of Technology together with the Deputy Rector Andrzej Wac-Wodarczyk visited FLNP. D. Hudoba introduced them to the history and key research activities conducted in the Laboratory. The students visited the main facilities of the Laboratory: EG-5, IREN and IBR-2, where A.P. Kobzev, K. Udovichenko and I. Zinicovscaia told the guests about the principles of operation and main investigations carried out with the instruments.



On June 17, the participants of the India-JINR Forum “Frontiers in Nuclear, Elementary Particle and Condensed Matter Physics” held in JINR from June 16 to June 20, 2014, visited the Laboratory. During the visit they met with the Laboratory Directorate. V.N. Shvetsov and O. Culicov introduced the guests to the key research activities conducted in the Laboratory.



On June 16, a general excursion to the IBR-2 reactor was conducted for the students of John F. Kennedy School, Berlin, Germany. I.Zinicovscaia and C.Scheffzuek told the visitors about the principle of operation of the reactor and the key investigations carried out in the Laboratory. They also visited the EPSILON-MDS and SKAT diffractometers.




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International Summer School and Workshop: Complex and Magnetic Soft Matter Systems: Physico-chemical properties and structure, 29 September-3 October, 2014, Dubna

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