On May 25-29, the International Conference Centre hosted the International Seminar on Interaction of Neutrons with Nuclei ISINN-23 (, which became the 23rd event in a series of annual meetings run by the Laboratory of Neutron Physics of JINR. The ISINN-23 programme traditionally included sessions on fundamental interactions, procedural aspects of experiments with neutrons, analytical methods in ecology and other applied issues. A special feature of this year was a session dedicated to experiments that should make up the scientific programme at the reactor PIK in Gatchina.




On May 25 - June 11, 2015 JINR UC is running the Practice for students from the Arab Republic of Egypt. On May 26, the participants visited FLNP, where N. Kucerka introduced them to the main scientific trends developed at the laboratory. The Practice participants also visited the experimental hall of the IBR-2, where D. Chudoba and N. Kucerka told them about the operating principles of the reactor and the fields of work carried out on it. Several students stated their willingness to conduct theoretical and practical work directly on the IBR-2 spectrometers.



On May 20, 2015 a visiting tour to the IBR-2 reactor and IREN facility was organised for the users from Poland M. Wrobel (Science and Technology Institute, Krakow), E. Gadalinska (Institute of Aviation, Warsaw) and the students being trained at the NERA facility. D. Chudoba, G.D. Bokuchava and K. Udovichenko introduced the visitors to the operating principles of the facilities and the basic fields of research conducted there.



On May 14, 2015 Frank Laboratory of Neutron Physics hosted a general laboratory workshop "Geologists in love with neutron physics" devoted to the memory of two outstanding scientists who worked in FLNP for many years: A.N. Nikitin and K. Ullemeyer. The reports by A.M. Balagurov (FLNP) and Jan H. Berman (GEOMAR, Kiel, Germany) presented at the workshop featured interesting facts of the scientists’ lives. The speakers put special emphasis on the scientific achievements of A.N. Nikitin and K. Ullemeyer and their contribution to the development of cooperation with various universities and scientific centres of Russia and the world.



On February 24 the participants of the School for Guides organized jointly by JINR and the Dubna City Administration visited FLNP. In the Laboratory the School attendees got acquainted with the research activities of I.M. Frank and F.L. Shapiro. They also made an excursion to the IBR-2 reactor (REGATA facility).



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