Reflectometer of polarized neutrons

 1 - Moderator
2 - Background Chopper
3 - Collimators
4 - Vacuum Tube
5 - Polarizer
6 - Permanent Magnets
7 - π-Flipper
8 - Electromagnet
9 - π or π/2-flipper
10 - Analyzer
11 - Detectors
12 -  Control and operative visualization/analysis
13 - Data Acquisition
14 - Data Transfer

Instrument Responsible:
Bodnarchuk Victor

Russia, Moscow reg., Dubna, Joliot-Curie str., 6
tel. +7 (49621) 6-54-86
e-mail: bodnarch(at)

Nanosystem Physics Group Staff

Main research fields:
1. Surface and thin films properties with thickness up to some thousands angstroms;
2. Investigations of nuclear and magnetic surface structures; 
3.Multilayer nanostructures behavior;
4. Registration of nonspecular reflected neutrons.

The REFLEX-P reflectometer is a multifunctional spectrometer intended for studying properties of surfaces and thin films up to several thousand Angstroms in thickness. With the end part of the moderator being a source of thermal neutrons, the spectrometer yields to other spectrometers in intensity of the incident beam, but at the same time has a record-breaking angular resolution. Therefore, the most adequate tasks for this instrument are neutron-optical studies of nuclear and magnetic structures of surfaces, because its high angular resolution makes it possible to measure detailed peculiarities in the behavior of specular reflection in a wide spectrum range. The equipping of the spectrometer with a position-sensitive detector will allow us to increase the number of tasks being solved and carry out studies that involve registration of off-specularly reflected neutrons, which has been a rapidly developing research area on other neutron reflectometry setups in recent years.